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From our foundational programs, CORE and Lab2Launch, and streams, Climate Venture Studio, Human Health Venture Studio, and Social Venture, to the HATCH Accelerator Program, entrepreneurship@UBC has a phenomenal community of early stage ventures driving innovation to impact. 

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Beautifully engineered products made entirely from recycled chopsticks.


Susgrainable is a local circular economy food company producing consumer baking products from Upcycled Barley Flour (more commonly known as Spent Grain from breweries).


For individuals in pursuit of their full athletic potential, Stoko empowers athletes (of all ability) by helping them alleviate injuries, push themselves harder, and stay active longer. Stoko introduces the world’s first supportive apparel by integrating adjustable support into everyday athletic clothing. Living at the intersection of functional support and design thinking, Stoko prioritizes our athlete's experience by emphasizing authenticity, empathy, and simplicity.

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Refresh yourself with Coffee Leaf Tea. Real brewed coffee leaves from the Nicaraguan cloudforest.


Protein + electrolyte drink that's light, fruity, and refreshing; making your recovery as enjoyable as your exercise.

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The Orbitless Drives’ patented platform provides the lowest noise, highest efficiency gearing option for the growing electric powertrain and actuator market from

e-mobility to industry 4.0 & more.

Platforms and Services


Connects female founders/leaders with ambitious verified female talent via meaningful apprenticeships.

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We advance scientific discovery by providing a platform that helps researchers get faster and more reliable results.

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Storagehotel is a full-service storage company that saves you time and energy by picking up, storing, and delivering your items.


Geospatial collaboration platform to better visualize, manage, and collaborate on location-based projects.


Phare is a marketplace that matches counsellors and clients. We focus on fit and dynamic pricing, redistributing generosity by balancing clients accessing therapy at more affordable rates with those accessing at generous rates.

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UVX is a compact ceiling-mounted device that automatically disinfects any environment. It uses an invisible UV light that is both effective at killing pathogens while being safe for humans.

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A voice-activated mobile assistant designed to prevent sexual assault through AI and speech analytics.

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Find a curriculum aligned project and automatically get matched with teachers and resources in your local area to help your children succeed academically, socialize and collaborate with other children, and develop a lifelong curiosity and love of learning.

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Effortless control of your comfort and privacy at home with our smart add-on modules to automate your existing window blinds.

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Nava Ventures is the "Fitbit of Finance" and partners with credit unions to provide their members with a gamified financial literacy and banking app.

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