Bombshell Boxing

Bombshell Boxing creates high quality and environmentally conscious Canadian made activewear for women in martial arts.

At Bombshell Boxing, we're creating high-quality, environmentally conscious, and ethically made activewear for women in martial arts. 100% made in Canada and shipped using recycled and compostable materials, our activewear is designed to help women feel better represented within the sport, heighten their performance, and increase comfort while training


A Canadian Biotechnology company, developing direct and complete replacements for antibiotics

Amphoraxe is an early-stage Vancouver start-up with global ambitions and a long-term plan. As a biotechnology research and development company with a One Health focus, we develop antimicrobial peptides as direct and complete functional replacements for antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine, to improve human, animal, and environmental health.


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ABOzymes Biomedical

Human Health

Making Blood Types Obsolete.

ABOzymes Biomedical Inc. is an early-stage, Vancouver-based enterprise with an innovative, unique, and proprietary platform which will realize a world where blood type is no longer a constraint for those receiving a life-saving transfusion or organ transplant. ABOzymes’ first product is an additive for a standard blood bag that first primes and then eliminates a marker on the red blood cell (RBC) that determines blood group A rendering it group O – universal donor blood.

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Aqua Intelligent

Climate Venture

AIT has developed an platform that identifies any existing and potential problems in the drinking water systems and help operators to fix them.

Many existing small water systems in North America are old and inefficient. The existing solution that is proposed by consultants/manufacturers in most cases is to renew the entire water utility system. Renewing the entire water system comes with certain problems; 1) it is a costly solution ($1M), 2) it is not able to check the quality of water beyond the water utility, and 3) A water utility requires to be taken care of after installation but manufacturers leave after installation. Meaning with a change of systems we still aren't guaranteed clean waters in the houses of community members. We have developed an app called Hydros that analyze the quality of water on its journey towards the tap help the local operator with the problem - showing where the problem is coming from. It provides best solutions for any problems. The app is 10 times cheaper compared the existing solution.

Human Health

Difinity Solutions

Developing the first interchangeable and modular autoinjector solution for emergency medication delivery.

We are developing medication delivery systems that optimize patient outcomes and accessibility in time-critical and high-stakes situations such as opioid overdose, anaphylaxis, and emergency care. Our unique drug delivery system seeks to improve emergency medication delivery by providing a universal system to improve speed, safety, and ease of use.

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Climate Venture

Fibrilex is developing a “sand upgrading” process to help producers of dune sand to enter new markets and cost-effectively sell surplus sand to the construction industry by combining the sand with a natural binder.

Fibrilex relieves the looming sand shortages for the construction industry by developing a “sand upgrading” process that makes currently underutilized, round sand types suitable for use in concrete. We are doing that by adding renewable, natural fibers to the sand and turning them into a dry granule that we call "Engineered Sand". This helps producers of dune and frac sand to diversify their markets and cost-effectively sell surplus sand to the construction industry. We compete in the growing sand market for construction which was last year valued at $4B USD in the US alone.

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Finance & Accounting

Discover a better way to work.

At Hubly we are making humans more productive. Complex service based industries have yet to evolve in their ability to service customers at scale. Today, we are laser focused on the wealth management industry working with financial advisory firms who are struggling to deliver a high touch experience to their clients due to increased competition and a changing regulatory environment. Our workflow solution is purpose-built to help them deliver the next generation of comprehensive financial advice. Hubly helps advisors plan and track their complex processes, enabling them to serve more clients at scale and ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks again.

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Leafi Home


 Make your existing blinds smart.

Leafi Home is a smart home, IoT device consumer brand.  We are building an affordable, innovative and easy-to-use smart home device to automate existing window blinds. We provide a hardware + software solution that solves accessibility issue, increase convenience, and achieve energy saving. We want to make everyone’s life easier by taking one thing off their mind.

Neupeak Robotics

Climate Venture

Fully autonomous strawberry harvesting robots.

Today, agriculture has a huge labour problem. Even with rising minimum wages, over 70% of farmers cannot find enough people to work their fields. This problem is especially bad with strawberries, because they are one of the most labour intensive fruits to pick. Just last year, over $3.2B were spent on human labour alone to pick these fruits in NA. We will solve this problem of chronic labour shortage by deploying a swarm of fully autonomous robotic harvesters that will be intelligent enough to work alongside other human workers.



Pocketed helps Canadian businesses easily access over $2.9B annually in grant funding with our free intelligent matching platform & our online marketplace.

We help busy Canadian entrepreneurs easily access over $2.9B in grant funding with our free intelligent matching platform and our online marketplace. We're reinventing grant funding in just three easy steps: get matched, get supported, get funded! A new frontier of funding has arrived, and it's right in your back pocket.



Utilizing shape memory materials (SMM) to develop next generation robotic technologies for highly articulated, strong, compact and light weight robotic hands.

We have developed a proprietary actuator based on shape memory materials, that allows us to achieve high grip strength, in a compact form, without sacrificing speed or adding unnecessary weight to our product. The result is a robotic hand that parallels the human hand's performance, adaptability and smooth natural movements, something not feasible with conventional actuators.

Total Flow Canula

Human Health

Total Flow Canula's medical devices will prevent injury caused by medical equipment used to keep patients alive when their heart and lungs stop working.

During heart surgery or life support, a mechanical heart-lung machine is used to keep a patient alive. Their blood is removed from, and returned to, their body using tubes, called cannula. These cannula block blood flow to the patients leg 20-30% of the time, causing the leg to start to die and the patient requiring additional surgery or even amputation or death. US surgeons have no cannula-based solution to address leg-blood flow; Total Flow has developed an easy to use solution with patented design features to ensure leg blood flow and prevent injury in 100k US patients each year.


Climate Venture

Climate-resilient food production.

Every year, climate and soil variations cost farms over $100B due to lost crop productivity. The problem is only getting worse with climate change and increasing water scarcity. We're solving this problem by bringing the benefits of indoor farming to outdoor agriculture.

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Viridis Research

Climate Venture

Infinitely reusable water through Electrochemistry.

Multiple transnational environmental assessments identify microplastics as the top threat to our global aquatic ecosystems. Over 60% of the total microplastics pollution in our oceans comes from the greywater being released from residential, commercial laundry, and textile manufacturing facilities.Governments around the world are implementing new microplastic regulations to limit the impact our plastic textiles have on our water sources. Viridis Research is developing a first in class device able to safely and near completely degrade the microplastics released from synthetic textiles during washing. Moreover, microplastics mitigation is a nascent market. With adequate support we can position our technology as the gold-standard solution for microplastics capture and removal in textile manufacturing and laundry facilities.

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Bioform is an innovative bioplastic company driving sustainability in diverse commercial environments.

We have developed a novel 3D extrusion printing platform that manufactures 100% home compostable films derived from seaweed and cellulose fiber at speeds that exceed 50 cm/s. Our products are cost competitive to fossil fuel-based plastics and are well-suited for the agri-food sector by providing optimal oxygen and moisture barrier properties. Our go-to-market product is a compostable agricultural mulch film that suppresses weed growth and regulates soil moisture and temperature.


No cables. Anywhere. Ever.

Daanaa has achieved wireless power transfer using a brand-new, non[1]inductive physics model: BiModalTM. Our technology reduces costs, complexity, and power losses by eliminating all wires, cables, and connectors. Daanaa’s BiModalTM chips offer near field spatial freedom, direct integration, one-to-many scalable power (1W-10KW), bi-directional power transfer, and parallel data transfer, through materials such as concrete.

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Providing the value of ultrasound to everyone everywhere

Imaging must become more accessible to patients at the point-of-care instead of at hospitals and specialized clinics. Ultrasound is leading this shift because of its inherent safety, portability, and known benefit in many clinical applications, but is limited by the quality and volume of the ultrasound data. Patented polyCMUT (polymer capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer) technology enables the capture of high-quality image and complex data sets needed to enable remote ultrasound scanning for applications not possible today. polyCMUT transducers will replace existing piezoelectric ultrasound sensors, and lead to the development of new imaging devices including wearables for ongoing monitoring.

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Rewiring the nervous system to reverse chronic pain

Chronic pain, which affects 1 in 4 people, has historically been treated as a persistent symptom with only biomedical or biomechanical causes. In 2019, the World Health Organization recognized that chronic pain is a distinct disease, with psychological and sociological causes and implications. In other words, chronic pain is a biological, psychological and sociological disease. HealthQb discovers for each patient the unique underlying contributing causes to their chronic pain so that the patient and their allied health practitioner can develop a multidimensional treatment plan. HealthQb then objectively measures treatment plan efficacy through wearable sensor data that indicates the autonomic nervous system and overall wellbeing.